Who we are


The Social Organization Sustenidos, new name of the Friends Association of the Guri Project, believes in all this. He is a specialist in public policy management of culture, was credited as the best social organization of culture in 2018 –  the award is the biggest recognition of the third sector in Brazil and was created to value organizations philanthropic practices that deserve special mention for the excellent management practices and transparency.

 As manager of the Guri Project, she has attended, to date, more than 770 thousand children and young people. Of these, 70% in situations of social or economic vulnerability. There are 32 free courses, 114 thousand hours per class per year and several programs involving development. These impressive numbers, translated into the personal, educational and social evolution of each of these children and young people, are only possible thanks to a dedicated team of professionals and the generous support of the State Government of São Paulo,  several municipal partners, social organizations, and the participation of more than 30 companies.

The human development orchestrated by Sustenidos Social organization of culture is a reference in the management of public policies of culture and education in the area of music.

Sustenidos has as its mission to promote, with excellence, music education and the collective practice of music, with a view to the development generations. Among the main goals of Sustenidos are: to strengthen the integral formation of children and young people and to spread the diversity of musical culture.

The programs and projects of Sustenidos aim at enhancing the aesthetic, affective, cognitive, motor and social dimensions of children and young people;

Sustensidos maintains important partnerships. One of his most important collaborations is with Jeunesses Musicales Internationales (JMI), the largest worldwide organization dedicated to the musical development of young people. The on-profit organization, created in 1945 in Belgium, brings together various musical organizations in about 70 countries and enables the exchange of musical experiences.


The management of the Social Organization Sustenidos is made up of the directors below that guarantee the organization and the fulfillment of the mission of the Projeto Guri.

Alessandra Costa
Executive Director

Artur Miranda
Administrative and Financial Director

Francisco Cesar Rodrigues Social
Social Development Superintendent

Claudia Freixedas
Educational Superindendent

Board of Directors

Marcos Barreto – Chairman

Ana Lucia Lopes

Daniel Annenberg

Leonardo Matrone

Luciana Antonio

Luiz Guilherme Brom

Monica Braizat

Nelson Ayres

Paulo Adriano Ronqui

Audit Board

André Isnard Leonardi

Carlos Henrique Freitas de Oliveira

Daniel Leicand

Advisory Board

Elca Rubinstein – Chairman

Abigail Silvestre Torres

Adriana do Nascimento Araújo Mendes

Ana Maria Wilheim

Benjamin Taubkin

Berenice Maria Giannella

Celia Cristina Monteiro de Barros Whitaker

Danielle Fabian Fiabane

Gabriel Whitaker

Leandro Barreto

Lia Rosenberg

Marisa Fortunato

Melanie Farkas

Paula Raccanello Storto

The Counsel of the Administration of the Social Organization Sustenidos is made up of people that were elected by the General Assembly and by exponents from various sectors of society, with notable professional capacity.