Som na estrada

Som na Estrada Project has as mission to carry out shows and musical workshops for several Brazilian municipalities using a stage truck.

Som na Estrada occurs in open space and is easily accessible to the public. Through the project, positive initiatives are provided and characterized by respect and understanding of the role of music in the daily lives of the population. In each of the cities visited are offered three activities of training (workshops) and a musical concert. Held in a single day, in the morning and afternoon, the program is especially aimed at children, adolescents and young people from public schools, and actions are pre-aligned with the support of local governments and local partners.

The first edition of Som na Estrada took place in 2018, with the title Guri na Estrada. The project covered six municipalities – five from São Paulo and one from Minas Gerais. The action was sponsored by the energy company AES Tietê. The musical training activities were free and taught by professionals Renata Facury and Daniel Ayres.

504 students participated in the training activities. Another 1,290 local people watched the concerts.